Sutton Movement Writing
& Shorthand

is a complete movement notation system for recording all body movement. The system includes five sections:

1. DanceWriting, records dance choreography
2. SignWriting, records signed languages
3. MimeWriting, records classic mime and gesture
4. SportsWriting, records gymnastics, ice skating, karate
5. ScienceWriting, records physical therapy, movements of autistic children, body language, animal movements, and so forth.

DanceWriting was invented first, taught to the Royal Danish Ballet in 1974. That same year, SignWriting began in Denmark, at the University of Copenhagen. DanceWriting and SignWriting are the most used of the five sections.

In recent years, the main focus has been on SignWriting. In 1997, SignWriting is in use in 14 countries, on the World-Wide-Web, on national USA cable TV, and increasingly involved in Deaf-hearing interaction. For more information about SignWriting...


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